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 Post subject: King Size Nut-Rally by Finne
PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2000 1:10 am 

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Hi again

Computer trucks do not like spaghetti, so they crash and take the helicopter to a little part of the track, where you will meet them later - for 4 laps - FOUR.
This is a long rally. 15½ minutes will be an acceptable time (without short cuts).
There’s only one way to do that : KEEP THE PEDAL DOWN .... and have no fear, just follow the signs - I do not make traps ....
I think it’s so STUPID.
With only 20 checkpoints (max) there are probably some short cuts, and if you are into that strange hobby, let me give you an idea : skip the track .... THAT’S a big short cut. If you are NOT, whip your horses
and get going.
There are 54 bridges (give or take a few), and you have to go over and under all of them.
Thank you to ZooN - - for the trees,
and to GuitarBill - - for Traxx.

Finne .....

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2000 3:28 am 

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Finne I tell ya you truely u are a nut Image I can't believe the tracks you make. And are you a chef cuz you make a hell of a lot of spaghetti. Komputer trucks and Kdawg don't like the map on this one. I got too confused.
But still gotta love it.



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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2000 10:30 am 
Okay Finne, this track was sop crazy is should've been called "Finnsane," but for it's length, it was really good! I was never lost, and the only part I had trouble on was the oval. Any, you've done a good job with the track, and keep up the good, although crazy, job!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2000 10:36 am 
easy company
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<center><IMG SRC="" border=0></center>

This track is huge, turning the map on just puts a big ball of twine on your monitor
i think Finne spent more time laying out the course here than some people spend on an entire track, anyway the map is only good for a quick reference as the track is so well layed out and smooth with plenty of road signs warning you of an upcoming bend that the map is not really needed...

a couple things...

1) if you flip off course, drive back on, don't call the heli it will only take you to a far corner on the track (i belive this is an inherent MTM2 problem with lonnnng rallys and not a mistake by Finne)

2) keep one eye on the finder and stay on the road, most of the check points are strategically placed and NOT marked and can easily be missed if you try to cut any corners, trust me it happened to me twice and i honestly was not looking for short cuts Image but some corners are just sooooooo tempting to clip (cp5, cp11)...

3)Finne mentioned this in his post but it didn't register with me the first go around, so let me try to clarify... you will come to a small area with a c98 textured oval in it, you need to complete 4 laps in here (cp12 though cp16) before exiting and continuing on.

4) the track takes about 15 minutes to complete a lap but there are 3 or 4 intermissions (straight sections) that are long enough to allow you to put the truck into autopilot and go fix yourself a frozen burrito and feed the dog or just crack your knuckles and enjoy the scenery Image

so if your the long rally type Finnes done a tremendous job here and i recommend you get it.

my best lap so far was 15:02.91 not a single short cut taken.... 2000, med, soft

with short cuts you will probably do 12's provided you don't get hopelessly
lost trying.

[edit] image

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