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 Post subject: Calamity of Hiroshima by ZR1_DkriderX
PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 1:30 am 

Joined: Wed Aug 20, 2003 7:22 am
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Track: Calamity of Hiroshima
Type: Circuit
Checkpoints: 12
Lap time: 1:36
Music: Headstrong by Trapt

Not too long after completing Spring Fever, ZR1_DkriderX said he was done with making tracks… and for the most part, this game altogether. We're not sure what prompted such a decision, but at this point it's moot. Since then he's published three tracks, and Calamity of Hiroshima is one of those three.

Interestingly enough, the race begins in a fairly unique manner - atop a building. And we have to tell ya, there's something about jumping off the top of that building that really makes you wish you had a cape… or even a bed sheet to use as a cape lol. At any rate, that's another review, so we'd best be moving along. After a short drop to ground zero, the course weaves you through a city torn asunder. Surprisingly enough, however, the blacktop surface is in remarkably good shape given the condition of the rest of the city lol. Luckily it is though, but we'll come back to that a little later.

The track's name and its race screenshot say it all; it's loosely based on the aftermath of the Aug 6, 1945 bombing of Hiroshima. There are toppled buildings, train wreckage, fires, overturned cars and buses, downed aircraft and an assortment of other types of wreckage and destruction at almost every turn. There also appears to be an active military presence in the form of F-22 fighter jets and helicopters. American flags placed within the city seem to suggest or symbolize conquest by U.S. Armed Forces. We made mention of the road surface being intact in the previous paragraph. It's conceivable Dk could've opted to do all kinds of damage to the racing surface in the name of credibility and realism. He didn't, so we won't speculate what it "could've" been like. What we know with absolute certainty is that as is it gives you one heck of a ride. The course itself is fast-paced with tight turns and a couple nice jumps thrown in for variety. Overall it's fairly straightforward, which is typical Dk style, and that's not a bad thing, mind you. What he's done, however, is use some of the massive destruction throughout the city as road hazards in a few locations, adding an element of risk, as well as excitement. As for shortcuts, when you talk to Dk about shortcuts, you kinda get the impression he'd rather chew off a foot rather than knowingly allow any cuts on his track. Well… there's a short between checkpoints nine and ten, and if you're reading this DK, before you go and do anything rash lol, it's actually not that bad. In fact, one judge says it adds another layer of excitement and unpredictability given the nature in which you have to execute it. Hit it well and you'll be rewarded with a substantial advantage over those running the traditional route. Miss it, and you could pay handsomely in terms of lost time. The judge who subscribes to that line of thinking seems to know what he's talking about… and actually he's a pretty good racer, kinda smart, well known, most people like him… lolol.

I think we've clearly stated some of the more interesting and positive aspects about Dk's Calamity of Hiroshima. Now let's take a look at few observations that we noted during testing. First up is this flag model. If you're hitting the line en route to checkpoint two correctly you'll never notice it. However, if you're pushed wide left or you happen to drift left making the turn, you'll run into an invisible portion of the model. Dk knows all too well about setting objects to no collide, and if necessary, fitting them with object boxes to preclude such things. In this case, simply setting it (or all three) to no collide would've sufficed. Next is the matter of this jeep that's in a ravine near checkpoint seven. It wasn't placed accurately, and since it's a no-brainer we'll leave it at that. In this case here, the invisible portion of the plane's wing intrudes on the racer's air space. Now that sounds odd, we know, but to clarify, the wing's position is such that a truck should be able to pass just underneath after getting airborne. Setting the plane model to no collide and fitting it with object boxes to match the plane's actual physical dimensions would've allowed for clear passage. This last photo isn't a flaw per se, but we figured it's worth mentioning just the same. Where the two roads intersect suggest either a willful or unintentional omission of borderlines. We're not sure, but since it's the same on the other side of the jump, we'll say it was most likely by design. Still, it stands out because it's inconsistent with what you see throughout the track. We agreed that the texture work was very good with only a few minor blending flaws noted.

Dk is one of the more popular track makers on the scene today, and for a very good reason. Calamity of Hiroshima is yet another track destined to be a hit among racers, and maybe even a few rumblers given the high contact nature of track lol. If you're inclined to listen to music while you race, we highly recommend that you pump up the volume a bit. "Headstrong" by Trapt is the featured song, and if it doesn't get your blood flowing, maybe someone should check your pulse. Another well done track, Dk. We're glad you decided to stick around, partner!

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