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 Post subject: Rak em up by SoulRaiZer
PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 1:30 am 

Joined: Wed Aug 20, 2003 7:22 am
Posts: 37
Track: MG 4 Cubed - Rak em up
Maker: SoulRaiZer
Garage Setting: 700 shallow tires/shallow suspension
Type: Rumble
Music: RockX

Since the beginning of time Hypercube has been known as the king of all rumbles. Actually that particular sentiment is only a few years old, but the “since the beginning of time” line is so cool we just had to use it lol. Rak em up is derivative of the stock hypercube rumble and takes most of its textures and structure directly from it. The area of play is set down into a deep pit, or rather high terrain walls are built up around it. The effect is the same; namely, that no one is in danger of a 1,500 yd trip across the countryside from a lag hit since all trucks are safely contained within the track's raised landscaping. The platform is approximately double the size of hypercube and provides players with several ways to access the platform, which includes a skywalk-like ramp that let's you drop in on the action from above in a typical superhero like fashion. If you have a cape the effect is even better lol. The scoring and summit zones are the same size and cover the platform in its entirety with the exception of runways tacked haphazardly on two opposite ends. Specifically, the runway attachments are null zones; you’ll neither gain points nor lose points in those areas.

One clear advantage afforded to you on a rumble this size is the time you have to setup for a hit. Imagine that you’re in the movie “Top Gun” for example, and you spot a MiG-28 (posing as a monster truck lol) at 12 o’clock camping out and collecting free points. Once you ascertain what his/her coordinates are and get the “radar lock” tone, simply mash the gas and move in for a devastating hit! As heartless as it may sound, it’s quite a thrill to send an unsuspecting adversary sailing across the countryside from a hit like that. Try it—you’ll see lol.

Soul ‘s inclusion of the skywalk and the access roads that lead to it seemed to be an idea that was borne more for fun and variety than practicality. On the other hand, if you’re denied entrance to the platform in the conventional manner (and it does happen), the skywalk becomes a means to circumvent those mean, nasty rumblers who won’t let you on to play lol. Be prepared to lose a few additional points because of the additional time required to drive up the access road, then around to access the skywalk. That is, unless you take this nifty little shortcut up the sidewall, like we did, which prevents you from losing an excessive amount of points driving up the access roads.

Objectively speaking, the outside ramps appear less thought through than the rest of the track. While the arrows themselves are fine, the sides of the outer ramps were given no attention at all and look rather awkward from certain angles. Furthermore, the access roads to the skywalk received only token attention. The turn to the skywalk itself is on a different level from the approaching ridge and the transition onto it is stark and hard. As previously mentioned, the shortcut allows for extremely easy access to the skywalk. We’re guessing Soul was unaware of the short, which again highlights one of several benefits from beta testing. The attached runways, on the other hand, are completely out of place aesthetically. No effort was put forth to texture them to match the rest of an otherwise well made platform, and there’s really no reason why they couldn't have been adjusted for a more aesthetically pleasing look or made to align with the adjacent sides - even if that meant minor alterations to the platform itself. As is, the runway appears to have been inserted to enable movement from one platform to the other on either side of the internal runway openings, as seen here. That’s our guess, anyway. Lastly, we noted a slight alignment blemish on the platform here.

Still, this is a competently made rumble, and if you're looking for a change of scenery without losing the look and feel of hypercube, then mount Rak em up in your list and spend some time on its summit. There's a good time to be had here for sure!

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