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 Post subject: World Grand Prix 2 by Cr@$hC@rt
PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2004 5:09 pm 
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Fast Lap: 00:56.05 by SLO_COPE
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Cr@$hC@rt is back with the second installment of his “World Grand Prix” series, and this one’s entitled “Silverton Raceway”. Although the look is essentially the same as “Catfish International”, he threw in one significant change up that’s sure to please; subtle elevation changes, a characteristic recommended by SLO_Jumper. What hasn’t changed is the ultra-wide asphalt roadways that allow racers to make use of lateral movement in order to setup for passing attempts. Given the speed of this track, and the fact that it’s just under a minute long, there’s an unmistakable sense of urgency when racing. Even on a 8-lap run you’ll want to make efficient use of your time, sizing up your opponent (or opponents) in the first few laps looking for a weakness to exploit, making a move when the time is right. And speaking of making a move, Copey’s recommendation would be to pay particular attention to the turns immediately following checkpoints 4, 8 and 10. There are other areas conducive to passing opportunities, but those checkpoints are prime locations—believe me. There’s little doubt “Silverton Raceway” will be the source of some extremely fun racing with more than a few fantastic finishes, and like its predecessor, it’s the kind of track that’s fun for everyone, regardless of skill level.

The layout of this track is definitely a step up in terms of flow, complexity, and possibly the level of appeal it’ll have to racers in general. On top of that, Cr@$h ensured that even minor, seemingly insignificant details found during beta testing were corrected, which to me is indicative of his growing maturity as a track maker. Perhaps I’m taking into account his World Grand Prix 03 beta he recently turned loose in the beta room, and no, I’m not going to get into reviewing a track that’s quite a ways from being complete. However, it is shaping up nicely (very), and has the potential of being his best work to date, but for now it most certainly figures into how far he’s come as a track maker in my opinion.

Truthfully there’s not much more to say, and I don’t mean that negatively or in a manner that’s insulting toward my man, Cr@$h. Yes, we all know (or should by now) he’s a reformed assembly line track maker, and as a result of that nasty little habit, he’s come up short on tracks that easily would have been extremely good…several of them in fact. But that’s in the past. Nowadays Cr@$h doesn’t need me going on and on about this, that and the other; his tracks and workmanship speak for themselves, and his dedication to MTM 2 and aspiration to raise the level of his skills are both admirable and inspirational. Heck if I could talk my wife into it, I’d submit the paperwork to adopt the guy lol. We’d make quite the MTM 2 one-two punch, huh?

Cr@$h, you continue to impress me bud. Sure, you’re a little pushy in the beta room, but track makers are just weird that way, some sort of character/personality flaw I’m’s kinda hard for me to explain. Anyway, talk to Phin about it – he can explain it to you much better than I can I’m sure since most of the guys that hang out at MTMG consider him the all-time king of pushy lol. As for “Silverton Raceway” and the Copey Rating, this baby is a rock-solid “10”, and I believe it’s your first “10”, so congratulations once again – you earned it, partner!

P.S. See Chump…I mean, “Jump” – I can do a short review lol.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 2:42 am 
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Thank you Copey. My first 10 out of 10! Did you mention CP 10 because of the crest and sloping corner after it? I hope you will post some replays of good races on Silverton.

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