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 Post subject: Snowbound by Sky
PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2000 8:01 am 
easy company
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Snowbound "TOC tourney edition" by Sky

If you like tracks with beautifully layed out texure work and a finely laid out mountain type course (and who doesnt) well this is one that you definatly should check out, after all this was a combined effort of Sky and Yeastman Image both pro's in their own right.

this rally takes you though the snow capped mountains with a few dangerous blind canyon jumps thown in to keep your attention, and along the way you will pass though some ice caves, mine tunnels, a logging camp and also see some of the best animated waterfalls in mtm that i personally have come accross.

the computer trucks do ok considering the sometimes treacherous terrain obstacles that they come to, but then this was a tourney ed. and was released for online racing, he may have yet to release a final non-tourney version where they are more competative, but personally i do not care it takes nothing away from this wonderfull track.

This is a great online track that will take you more than a few laps to get used to, expect under 4 minute lap times.

Image Image Image Image Image

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2000 9:44 pm 
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Wow, thanks for the tip Malibu. I had to go looking for this and found it on the Axe cool tracks list. <a href= target=axe></a>

This track is a beauty, an incredible mountain trek with a whole bunch of unique and eye pleasing surprises. Lots of custom effort in this one, this guy clearly knows what he's doing, the terrain is excellent. The only fault I see is there's a bit of a framerate drop in some places due to heavy use of models all in one spot, but it's not that bad and is well worth dealing with!

Can anyone tell me if Sky has made any other tracks?

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2000 2:16 am 
Glow Ball
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I agree this is one slick track. From what I know about it, it was a long while in the making but the results show us it was time well spent. Skyman is a ventran mtmer who's completed at least two other tracks that I'm aware of. The first is Rumble King, a rumble (go figure) which, by the by, is one of my favorite rumbles. The other is called Lost Mines - interesting in design but a killer in the lag dept.

Snowbound is an excellent track, and bound to be a classic.

I think I need to update the mtmg download pages ;-)

- Phineus

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