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 Post subject: The Sandbox by OLD_HotShoe
PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2002 3:37 am 
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I spoke with HotShoe about re-releasing this track to void the 3 shortcuts that were...well, significant. My line of reasoning was it's just too good a track to have such major cuts in it; it robs you of experiencing the full effect of his work, ya know! <IMG SRC="" border=0> Shoe...being the great guy he is, agreed to publish a "fixed" version.

I wrote the following review when he initially uplaoded it to Vales. The track has been altered slightly, but what I feel about it hasn't changed. Thanks a bunch, Shoe - you da man!!!

Here's what I had to say:

Well, it took me a few days to get here, but I finally made it. Come on now, you honestly didn't think I was going to omit posting a review here, did ya, Shoe? Sometimes I'm just...SLO!
I tell ya, this is just great! We got race tourneys going on, Malibu350 (supreme track making guru), who many of you may know, is back on the scene, EmmaSW has returned to MTM 2, OLD_FlatWheels, SLO_Gutterboy, SLO_Preacher...all of these people and more are turning out great, great, circuits and rallies. SLO_Fila is about to release one that's sure to attract a whole lot of attention...and then we have this guy - HotShoe.

I've said it before, and since this is my review, I figure I have the right to say it again ; it takes more than just knowing how to manipulate Traxx and some of the other tools/programs used to produce tracks. You have to have...well, hell, I'm not quite sure how to describe it beyond using a word that truthfully falls short of an accurate description, which is, "talent" (and lots of it!).

Hehe--when you stop and think about it, the concept of putting a track in a sandbox, and equipping it with all the little things you typically find in one those things is just ingenious. The use of the "typical family" home as a backdrop was a masterstroke, as well. And who prunes the shrubs at that house? They're beautiful!! Hehe--I promise you, he's not paying me to say this stuff either...but then again, that kinda gives me an idea!

Each track maker has his/her own unique style. I also have to think that for the most part it's derived from their personality, and further influenced by other trackmakers, and things they've experienced along the way. Shoe to me is...well, he's an artist, the "Leonardo da Vinci" of the 21st century!! Hehe-ok so most of you out there may not be familiar with da Vinci's work; trust me, he was like...really, really GOOD...which is pretty much a gross understatement!! Hehehe

The track texture is sand (of course), but this sand is different. I'm wandering if he had it flown in special from somewhere, cause the control you have on it is great! It's not like Tumbleweed Flats whereby if you over steer in the slightest you may end up in Zaire somewhere; this stuff is great! He's got all the cool props, too...from Coke/Mountain Dew soda cans, to army soldiers, to trucks and construction equipment (Tonka Toy?), to a little toy horsey, to your basic No. 2 pencil...oh, and a Buzz Lightyear doll! I'm telling you, it's all there, and the sandcastle is fantastic! It's just quite impressive - a must see.

The track layout is typical Shoe, by which I mean you're going to be in for a outstanding racing experience. This cat knows how to lay out a fun race track. There's only one turn that you kinda have to finesse a little, and that's the left to go thru cp 3. If you're not careful, you'll end up on the right side of the road...****ing sand. Other than that, this track is very easy, but in no way, shape or form does that detract from the great ride you get running this track!!

This is just a must have - no two ways about it. Let me put it this way, if you're still reading this review, stop here; heck, you've probably heard enough. Go download this track, and if you really enjoyed it as much as I know you will, come back here and let ole Shoe know about it. I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

And now it's time to give this baby a "Copey Rating". Out of a possible 10 pts max...Shoe's "The Sandbox" gets a rock-solid, hands-down, straight-no chaser.....10!!!!!!

Great, great job, Shoe...and man, thank you very much for allowing me to preview it. I love your stuff, bud, and I look forward to running this one with you at this weekend's SLO Event - I just had to put it in there!

<font size=1>Edited by SLO_COPE (13-01-2003)</font>

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2002 5:29 pm 
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Excellent track HotShoe! Great review COPE, as usual. Here are some pics I developed on good old Metal Crush GOLD film.

<img src=>

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