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 Post subject: CK_Bad and Fast by Davidg10
PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2002 2:17 am 
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Back in November of last year, I stumbled across a track named "Too Nasty". I had never heard of the author, but after sampling his track I was very MUCH impressed, and I definitely let him know about. I even thought about sending him a check as a show of my appreciation for his work, but my wife intervened, and...well, you probably know the rest of that story! Sorry David. Maybe next time, pal. Image

Bad and Fast sports "somewhat" of a Voodoo Island look to it, but make no mistake, the speed and adrenaline rush you get from flying around on this baby definitely distinguishes it from the stock track it's loosely based on. When testing circuits and rallies, I think what fascinates me most is the different styles each track maker brings to the game. Davidg is certainly not focused on tracks chock full of nifty gadgetry or elegant surroundings (not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you). What he does give you is one hell of a ride, and that holds true for every one of his tracks. Furthermore, his layout and landscaping is certainly not haphazardly done. It shows he's put some thought into what he wanted to do, which also holds true for his placement of models/props. With that said, hopefully people will steer clear of comparisons to former/current track makers. In my book this guy is definitely well on his way to establishing his own place in the track makers history books, so remember his name!

As for the track itself, it consist of a fast and furious ride thru a somewhat mountainous course full of daring twist and turns. The thing I like about it most...well, two things; it's speed and the fact that you're always prepping for the next turn or turns. Plainly stated, you're never mentally idle on this track, and thus far that's been a trademark of his...and I love it! The terrain itself is comparable to what you'll find on Voodoo, but not quite as slippery. There are a few spots, where having suction cups on your tires would be handy, but for the most part the track provides for adequate traction if you don't get to carried away with gunning the accelerator around corners.

This one's great for a one on one racing, or with a group of racers. It's an intense ride, so mistakes by others, which are pretty much a given, will more than allow for adequate passing. : )

What can I say - this guy knows how to make a race track, and when he tells me he's got something new coming up, I know right away it'll be a winner. Another extremely nice effort from you, David - and I'm sure to use this one in the next SLO Race-Rumble Event!! So...this one's done, now you can start working on the next one!! Hehehe As for how this one stacks up in my newly implemented "Copey Rating" system...this one gets a rock-solid "9" out of 10!!!!

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