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 Post subject: Ezy 8's by OGX_Angi
PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2002 11:47 pm 
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Introducing, Angi. She's a very good friend of mine, and "Ezy 8s" constitutes her race track making debut! I tell ya, you can't swing a dead rat around here without hitting a track maker these days...and I love it!!

As I just mentioned, Angi is a friend of mine, so I know people don't expect me to come in here and trash her work and suggest she be banned from using Traxx for the rest of eternity. What Angi knows about me, however, is that I'll tell her what I think; whether she agrees with it or not is totally up to her. Hehe-now that I've laid out a little bit of drama, let's get to the track!

It's a VERY tightly wound figure 8 - the first that I've seen of its kind. It's blacktop, modestly decorated by trees, billboards, a windmill and what appears to be an eagle...or maybe it's a vulture; not sure. Hehehe She's also thrown in the car toting dinosaur from Crazy 98, which she kinda has a thing for, so don't be surprised if you see more of those in her future works! Image

There are no real highlights to speak of about this track; it's pretty straightforward. But there's one thing about it that makes it stand out from so many others, which is it provides for intense, non-stop, fast paced, FUN for the duration of the race!!! You're never mentally idle on this one (you can't afford to be!), and it's great! I love this little track, and it makes for an excellent 2-3 racer romp. There's no such thing as "squeaky clean" racing on this thing, either. Bangin and bumpin is the order of the day, so if you have a helmet...nuff said!!!

Everything works, there are no bad bins save for the windmill (maybe), but it's not a factor since it in no way, shape or form interferes with the racers. All the cp's (check points) work as they should, and the track looks nice. She didn't overdue it or clutter it up with all sorts of props. I will say a pic of me would've been a nice touch, but hey... Image Oh, worth noting is I did try to hit that crazy bird, but with no success.

Angi, I genuinely applaud your in efforts on this one, Hon. This is a fun, fun track. Yes, it's void of complexity and eye-popping visual aesthetics, and there are no slick angles, banks, or little mini jumps to make people go, "oooooh, ahhhhh". It's a simple track that delivers...and then some! Besides, it serves as a nice change of pace after a few hard-fought, tough, long, rallies.

With that said (drum roll please), this one gets a "Copey Rating" of 9 out of 10 possible points!!

Again, very nicely done, Angi - I can't wait to see what you have in store next!

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2002 7:41 am 

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Thnx for your review. I made this track to be for one, fun, and second,crazy crashes.

There wasnt a true figure 8 I could find out there, ive only been in mtm2 comm for a yr now, maybe there was, but this is my version of one.

I didnt know about the bin prob in the mill becuase, I didnt test out there. (not made for driving in the bushes) But we all know cope gets a lil wild behind the wheel !

As for the dino.. he's made his debut and finale appearence in my tracks, for a while anyway.

The main reason I included him,(even after cope said "whats he doing in here" lol) is so that the track would appeal to all people playing it. Take LS6_Pooh's sopn for ex, he loves the track, maybe or maybe not its cause of the dino, but he likes it. I wanted to make a track that would be fun on all levels, ezy for a kid to do, and crazy fun for an adult, with the crossover at start being a serious hazard .

Thnx for taking the time to review my track though Cope, I really appreciate it.

I hope if your thnking about trying my track, that the review above will help you in making your decision easier. Like Nike says , Just Do It !!!

Thnx again,

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