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 Post subject: Minneapolis 2001 updated by Slick714
PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2002 4:36 am 
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Here's my review:
I'll break the track down into different aspects which I feel are integral to a great drag track, rating them from 1 (terrible) to 10 (perfect)...
TEXTURES-8...They're not the best textures Slick's done, but they're not the worst either. Points are subtracted here for not having a clear racing line for turning texture-wise, and a little blending on the concrete-to-dirt transition wouldn't have hurt. Otherwise, everything came very close to the real track, especially the color of the dirt and the model textures. I love those lines!
MODELS-9...Some new models help this score out a lot, and the way they were textured adds to the realism of this replica. I especially liked the signs and the placement of the quad ramps. Relation to other models in this track is superb. The little red and yellow hay bales are a nice touch and only add more realism, which is always a good thing in a replica track. In freestyle, the christmas trees can clog up your run a bit, but it's nothing major.
MODEL RAMPS-8...These ramps are very realistic, sometimes almost too realistic. In most cases, you don't get too stuck on objects. The car-van-bus-van-car pyramid is a bit sketchy sometimes, but it's nothing to worry about because it doesn't happen often. I like the two-car set and the way it was set up...good wheelies there in freestyle. Racing-wise, the ramps are good and realistic. Not much else to say there. Only big gripe I have is that Slick didn't make the bus hittable from the side in the real event, this DID happen (Goldberg did so and ended up stuck on it), and it would have been great if Slick would have done that.
LAYOUT-10...Everything about this layout is perfect, VERY accurate compared to the real one. The Metrodome is a small arena, and Slick has managed to give that closed-in feeling that the real drivers get the MTM2 treatment. Everything's in the right place, and it's easy to know where you're going.
OVERALL DRAGGING EXPERIENCE-8...It's a very realistic replica, but it's missing some little things, like pictures for the Track Selection screen and a few extra textures. Overall, the experience makes it worth downloading and keeping, but a few extra touches could have made this track SUPERB. The layout was a huge strong point, as were most of the model ramps, and it says something that nobody else has attempted to make this's good enough to keep, definitely.


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PostPosted: Sun Sep 01, 2002 5:32 am 
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Minneapolis Metrodome 2001 (2in1) by Slick714

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