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 Post subject: OGX Maui 2002
PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2002 10:24 pm 
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Some have the impression I’ve been involved in MTM for years, that I’m one of the “old war horses” (like Phineus and Mal). Yes, I’m old, but I’m not an “old timer”. There is a difference, however that’s not what I’m here to discuss. At the same time, it’s nice for me personally to see some of the veterans of the game return for a visit. Just the other day I ran a few with MTF_rough, and not too long ago MIYH was hanging around the Zone. Matagasco burst back on the scene with “Glass Hills”, which was a huge hit. Unfortunately he’s gone back underground, but I was glad to get the opportunity to meet the guy. Plus he brought a new track with him, so to me that was a bonus! There have been a few others – Sir James, MTF_Twisted, King Dave, Sleeper, etc. The guy whose track is featured in this review definitely fits in the “old timer” category. More importantly, he’s one of this game’s most talented track makers - period. If the name “World” doesn’t register, then I’d say you’ve probably been getting out too much. Consider staying home more often, sitting at your computer logged into the Zone for hours on end…like a normal person.

MTM 2 isn’t seeing a huge influx of new players; the game is simply much to old for that. Fortunately for us racers, we still have guys like OGX_World around, and although he doesn’t play the game as much as he used too, he’s still “got it” as far as making great tracks is concerned. His follow-up to “OGX Oasis” is a little number called “Maui 2002” – a sequel (of sorts) to “Maui MX”. This track is everything Maui MX was, and much more (well, minus the very attractive checkpoints). Just so there are no misunderstandings, Maui MX IS a very nice track – no doubt. It’s just that Maui 2002 out-performs its predecessor in every way imaginable...and then some. You could probably best describe Maui 2002 as an MX-plus track. I say that because it definitely goes beyond the scope of a typical MX layout – somewhat of an mx-circuit combo. It takes about 2.5 min to complete, and every bit of it is pure enjoyment. That’s not a statement I make very often, but this track has definitely earned that distinction.

As usual, World definitely didn’t disappoint where looks are concerned. I’d even say that he consistently does more with his tracks visually than any track maker I know of except for Zoon – the man himself. Ok wait now…hehe, first of all that’s just an opinion. Secondly, be mindful that the key word there is “consistently”. There are some exceptional tracks out here authored by extremely talented people. World happens to be one of them, and based on what I’ve seen given the hundreds of tracks I’ve run, that’s just my opinion. There. Hopefully I’ve managed to stave off some controversy. Hehe if not, I suppose it goes with the territory of having a publicized opinion. Image

Getting back to the track, I’d say with almost 100% certainty you’ll appreciate its visual quality and appeal. It’s simply stunning to look at, to be honest. Of notable mention is the cave you enter just after checkpoint 8. I especially like the rock formations jutting out from the sides and top. When you think about it, it’s not an original concept; it’s a natural characteristic you’ll find in some caves. It’s just I don’t recall seeing that done on another track, and again, I’ve run LOTS of them. It’s impressive to me that he thought to create such an effect. The two hairpin turns serve only to enhance the experience thru the cave. Throw in a McDonald’s with a drive-thru and I’d go so far as to say it’d rank as the ultimate experience!

There are so many things to admire on Maui 2002, such as the elevation changes he implemented toward the latter stages of the track. The shadows from the trees give it a very natural and authentic feel, and let’s not forget the dinosaurs. Hahaha yeah I’m not sure what the deal is with those dinosaurs. My best guess is it’s a carryover from a childhood fascination or something. I mean, juuuuuust as you start to get the feeling of being on a lush, Caribbean vacation…you see one of those freakin’ dinosaurs, and it kinda kills it. Hehehe I’m messin with World’s head a little, because I know he’ll read this review. Truth be told, the dinosaurs are fine, a little weird maybe…but fine. Image

If I absolutely had to pick something, I’d say the only thing missing from this masterful creation are the cheering fans effect you hear every time you complete a jump or nail one of those tight, hairpin turns...reminiscent of Yeastman’s MX tracks. Course, they cheer when you crash too, so uh…yeah. Technically speaking there’s nothing to complain about. A slightly floating tree or two, a few OGX barriers planted a tad too deep, minor texture mismatches…nit picky stuff, like what Phin would point out. Lol he’s gonna kill me, I know he is. The graphics may be a bit intense for older systems, hence some may need to lower their settings. Otherwise there’s absolutely nothing that should inhibit racers of all levels from enjoying this track! This one gets a rock-solid <u>9.5</u> out of <u>10</u> possible points on the “Copey Rating” scale. I really enjoyed Maui 2002, and you can best believe it’ll find it’s way on one of SLO’s racing track lists…and soon!!

World – outstanding stuff, my man…superb, even. I think you and I need to talk about the prehistoric age and how it applies to modern day track making (it doesn’t lol) though, and soon! Regardless, you’re still one of my absolute favorite track makers, bud. It’s great to see you’re still out here…“doing it”. Awesome stuff!!!!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2002 8:07 am 
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World did it again. This one is one of the coolest MX tracks i'Ve seen yet. This one flow extremly well if you can handle them 180 degrees curves. Wide areas allow for wide range of manuevers and make it a perfect ground for some darn cool races.

Way to go World wish we had more track like this to race on

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2003 5:49 am 

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It seems both
- OGX Maui 2002
- OGX Maui 2002 (ST)
are linked to which is the ST version.

If the non-ST version exists, what is the link?

Since the track is definitely a keeper, I would be glad to download the "right" version

 Post subject: oops
PostPosted: Fri May 23, 2003 6:13 am 
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<a href="" target="_self">OGX Maui 2002</a> by World

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2003 3:55 pm 
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Both are favorites of mine...I use Maui-MX to test ALL my "Small Tires" trucks (you may have noticed the track in the background of many of my ST-snapshots).

Unfortunately, OGX_World (once also known as SRT_World and ZO_World) is no longer into track-making or mtm2 in any sense.....

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