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 Post subject: Taylor County Fair Round 3 by DodgeDude2004
PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2002 6:19 am 
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Here's my review:
I'll break the track down into different aspects which I feel are integral to a great drag track, rating them from 1 (terrible) to 10 (perfect)...
TEXTURES-...9-Dodgedude loves these textures, and for good reason. Old NickAtNite's textures fit perfectly into the fairgrounds theme of the track. Good handling as well.
MODELS-...9-I like the variety of these models because it gives a feeling of racing on something new instead of another ho-hum drag track. Busses, cars, and vans are all in here, including a "Willman-style" bus setup that I enjoyed.
MODEL RAMPS-...8-You can get stuck in some places, and that hurt this score, although most of the ramps are just fine. It just depends on speed, but ramps can be made to be hit at any speed and not get the truck stuck. Other than a few of those, I liked how he made some things hittable from the side and you can get some good wheelies going on the track.
LAYOUT-...9-Very nice Chicago-style racing...nice to see a unique layout once in awhile. It's good fun racing and wild freestyle. The freestyle is a bit crowded in places, but it's hardly noticeable 90% of the time.
OVERALL DRAGGING EXPERIENCE-...8-I liked everything on this track, and it's definitely a keeper for draggers everywhere. The Willman bus jump gave it uniqueness, as did the racing layout. Other than being a bit crowded in freestyle and a touch of "stickiness" on some of the ramps, this thing's great.


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