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 Post subject: Snowy Mountain
PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, 2003 3:03 am 
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The name “Foxy” caught my eye because it happens to be the name of my son’s dog. No, I’m not suggesting anything by that whatsoever – just telling it like it is. I get the impression this is Foxy’s first track, and if so, I think there are a few things he/she should definitely key on and try to develop, as well as one or two characteristics that are best avoided.

As the name suggest, “Snowy Mountains” is set in a snow covered mountainous area sparsely decorated with models (even an animated jet!) and lots of trees. The decision to add water to the surrounding area really enhances the look of this track. The layout is quite simple, but fun, and lends itself to a little creativity and risk whereby a racer can take the jump immediately after checkpoint 4 off to the right and land just at the end of the downward turning road, and after executing a 180º turn, proceed directly to checkpoint five, and on to the finish line.

If you opt to take the jump straight on, be mindful of your speed. Too much will result in a landing that will most likely take you on a tumble down to the water lol. The reason for that is the road, which, as I mentioned above, gradually turns right as it winds down to the water. The tricky part is it’s also angled, so in order to land correctly coming off the jump, you have to pitch your truck just so to the right, and let me tell ya, the odds are definitely not in your favor lol. But that’s an element about racetracks pros love because it gives you options, and usually the fastest means to the finish comes with a substantial risk.

I did find a few trees that were either floating or recessed too far into the mountains. Also, the texture blending, where snow meets grass could use with some improvements. I suggest checking out the snow on “ Zoon Euro Park 99 ” or even Emcee Mart’s “ Mcmountrally ”. Notice how the snow gradually blends with the other texture – that’s what you’re shooting for. Image Another suggestion for this track would have been to lower the depth the water at the end and slightly increase the speed thru it for a more realistic effect. That’s a personal preference thing, however. It’s just that from my experience most racers don’t like to spend too much time bathing lol. Finally, a couple of sections could have been smoothed just a little more in my opinion, but again, that’s a personal preference issue.

Overall I’d say “Snowy Mountain” shows that Foxy has a pretty firm foundation established where track making is concerned. Once again, I strongly encourage use of The Beta Room , particularly for beginners. This one chalked up 7.25 out of 10 possible points on the Copey Rating system – not a bad effort at all. Keep going, Foxy – I like the potential I see in your work, bud…or budette lol.

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