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 Post subject: Vehicle Physics Update & Vehicle Building Tool
PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:08 pm 

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Well, I have been busy with work but have really been programming hard for the last week or so and have made a ton of progress with the softbody physics engine. I was originally going to upload that as well as a visual tool I am writing to generate vehicles for the engine but have decided to wait till tomorrow and just post some screenshots as I haven't completed what I wanted to, tired, and going to bed. I have reinforced the generic monster truck model so that it doesn't collapse on it self, well.. 95% of the time it doesn't. I have tweaked the physics with my tool to my liking. I will post all of this tomorrow with the demo. You can do sidewalls, wheelies, pogos all kinda crap. Here are a couple of screenshots, the demo doesn't look that much different then the truck model but have made several improvements. If you have the tool open and the demo loses focus, aka click on the tool it pauses the demo so you can make realtime changes to the vehicle file and set focus back to the demo with the escape key and reset. Some of you might remember something similar in MFR where you were able to reload a text file to reset the truck/physics with different keys. This is similar but all editing can be done visually making physics changes and modifications to the vehicle much quicker. I tried implementing a GUI in the demo but with it being written in C++ and OpenGL I went ahead and said screw it, and wrote the tool which was done is visual basic for simplicity but yet somewhat link. Have a look and come back tomorrow. Hopefully some will show interested and if interested in helping in any way would be great. I would write up a tutorial on how to make vehicles, they are really just simple Alias Object Wavefront Files (*.Obj) injected with extra information injected on the backend. I am also going to add a editor section in the tool to edit the physics.xml file and reload that so that parameters can be modified on the fly, gravity, wind, friction, iterations.... all the goodies, anyways, rambling, coffee... Keep on truckin' - Screenshot - Softbody Physics Engine Demo - Screenshot - Vehicle Building Tool

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