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 Post subject: New extra Drag type tracks for MTM1!
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2018 4:58 pm 
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Hello everyone!
Um... I wasn't sure where to make this topic, and decided to do it here since this is about the original Monster Truck Madness game, I hope this is alright. ^^;
Please forgive me if it's not in the right section, this is my 1st time to make a topic on this site.

OK with that set aside, onto this discussion!

Remember when the community was still young, and we was all making all sorts of tracks for MTM1 and MTM2?
Back then, I would download so many tracks for both games to enjoy them rather they're circuit, rally, or rumble. :D ... even though I never had the chance to play those cool rumbles online due to dial-up and waited years for high-speed internet lol. T_T And of course, any MTM2 track where people made replica drags, I would collect them despite they're just circuit/rally type

There has always been extra tracks of circuits and rallies for both MTM games and rumbles for MTM2
But one thing really stood out for MTM1's tracks!... out of all the downloadable tracks I seen for the original game, nobody has ever made any downloadable Drag type tracks for MTM1.
Heck Traxx doesn't even give you the choice to pick Drag type when making a MTM1 track...
Looking back at it now about Traxx without that type, I'm sure it was because no one knew how to make them nor did they know how they were made so that choice didn't make the cutting floor in Traxx! Am I right? (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

What made Drag type unique was the way checkpoints was used to do those tracks... to make the starting line, the finishing line, and the boundary lines just by using empty invisible objects with them using the checkpoint property to do so!
So yes, as a child back then I always had complained at the lack of downloadable Drag type tracks for MTM1 and often asked myself "why has no one made extra Drags to download for MTM1?"

But not anymore as of today! That has changed now.
Thanks to Traxx and especially C-POD (that tool lets us convert any MTM1 circuit/rally track into a drag!) with some trial and error to make a real 100% functional extra drag track for MTM1, I've done it...
And I THINK I might be the 1st person to create extra Drag type MTM1 tracks for downloading, idk? (UPDATE: I stand corrected, lol. I had no clue about the existence of 1 drag-type MTM1 track, World Finals 5 by RMS Titanic. I think I remembered playing with it a little, but it was in MTM2 instead at that time.)

To everyone that still has the first installment of MTM lying around on their harddrive, here's the download links and the track preview pics!

--- The Rock 'N' Jump Drag ---
The Rock 'N' Jump Drag.png

INFO: That is my 1st ever drag I ever made for Monster Truck Madness! It's a simple somewhat longer straight-line drag where you go over a ramp of 1 crushed car to 3 rows of 10 crushed cars... before going to the 3rd row of cars--the terrain sinks down some as you rise to crush them as well and onto victory at the finish line!

--- New MTM1 Drags Pack ---
New MTM1 Drags Pack.png

INFO: You get 19 Drags + 1 "Freestyle" (CIRCUIT) track in this pack of goodies.
Tracks List in the New MTM1 Drags Pack:

(PENDA POINT SERIES) Canfield, Ohio 1996
Digger's Dungeon
Digger's Drag
Space Monstrosity
Volcano Lava Racing
Sky Drag-On Skies
The Drop Drag
A Monster Stunt Drag
Crushathon Carnage
Summer Drag
Beginner's Drag
Intermediater's Drag
Professional's Drag
DNA Drag 'N' Crash
U.C.n. Indoor Drag/Freestyle
Circle Of Dirt
Indoor Drag (X)
Indoor Drag (Y)

From originals to replicas to fantasy drags!
Who doesn't want to have a monster truck drag race on the moon in space or dive into a volcano or... fly in the skies on crushed cars to victory? Lol.
I did some experiments with the starting/finish lines and the placement of the trucks from point a to point b... and had some surprising results I'll have to mention later on!

Now we can finally have even more Drag type tracks for MTM1 to play with!
Cool huh?
You can just copy the DeviantART upload links from the file attachments and paste them to go at those links.

I'll have to make a tutorial video about this sometime.
And I might post more topics so I can showecase my trucks and tracks.
I hope you guys enjoy them!

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

"Hey buddy, ready to get muddy?" ~ Army Armstrong
Addons is art!

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 Post subject: Re: New extra Drag type tracks for MTM1!
PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 6:19 pm 

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Well... the first add on drag for MTM1 was world finals 5, I think by RMS titanic.

Taking that out of the way, nice job, looks really good, i will download it when its ready

 Post subject: Re: New extra Drag type tracks for MTM1!
PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:41 pm 
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Joined: Thu May 10, 2018 11:33 pm
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monsterextremo1199 wrote:
Well... the first add on drag for MTM1 was world finals 5, I think by RMS titanic.

Taking that out of the way, nice job, looks really good, i will download it when its ready

Hi there!
Really? Well I'll be darned, you're right! I found it on's track uploads. :eek: (Yes, that username you mentioned is spot on)
Tried it out, and it's cool. :D

Wait... I noticed this drag looks exactly like the Trans World Dome (J) track, but an exact clone with little changes. How on earth did he make a clone of a MTM1 track without it becoming a MTM2 track? :O
Tracked2 maybe? I never made any tracks in that program, I only make my tracks in Traxx. XD
I know Traxx can't do that, because if I clone a MTM1 track it's always instantly a MTM2 track... that's wrong, it feels forced.
If Traxx ever gets an update (somewhat high chance I feel it might happen since the community patch for MTM2 exists and keeps improving) I just hope we'll be given the option to pick either MTM1 or MTM2 no matter what the track in question originated in when we clone that said track of our choice, that would help.

Anyway I never knew there was at least 1 legit Drag type MTM1 track out there, I'm glad there is. Good!
... How come I missed that one and didn't know this was for MTM1? :?
I guess that's because it's possible that I might've only played with it in MTM2 and definitely mistaken that it was for that game instead without knowing that it was intended for MTM1 before at the time perhaps... oops lol, I wish I would've known sooner when I first discovered the track years ago, oh well. ^^;
To be fair, I can see the preview pic is super misleading due the track being loaded up in MTM2 when that screenshot was taken--it would be nice if it had text included on it saying something like "this is a drag-type track is for MTM1" or something like that. XD

I'm glad you told me.
It's too bad there isn't so many Drag-type MTM1 tracks made out there... at least there's RMS Titanic's "World Finals 5" (the only one I can think of for now that exists made by others) and now these drags I made, so that's cool. 8)

Thanks sir! :D
I always try my hardest, putting my sweat, blood, and tears into everything I make.

Oh you can download them now, they're ready!
You just copy those links from the file attachments, (since they're not clickable) paste them into the browser's HTML address bar, it'll take you to the page of the said addon, to the right has the Download button, and right click "Save link as..." to get them.

I would upload these tracks on and wish I can, but... they don't accept them anymore, which is bogus there. >.> I'd love it if they can accept them again.
And at the moment, I'm thinking about having alternate download links sometime.

"Hey buddy, ready to get muddy?" ~ Army Armstrong
Addons is art!

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