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 Post subject: Need help getting MTM2 working on Windows 10
PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2021 6:17 pm 

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Hello! I’ve been trying to get MTM2 running properly on a modern Windows 10 system and I’ve run into a few roadblocks. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Refer to this Imgur album of screenshots when prompted:

Unfortunately, I have the fewest issues when I run the game without the community patch, but not zero. Without the community patch installed I can launch the game, use NGlide to render the game at native, pillarboxed 1920x1440, and complete a race. However, if I pause the game or let it attempt to enter the winner’s circle menu after a race, I get either a black screen or a cropped freeze frame which extends onto my second monitor, and I can’t do anything except force close the game (pressing F4 to go to windowed mode doesn’t work). I suspect this has something to do with resolution scaling, because the windows on my second monitor get moved around every time I open the game or a race begins or ends, because the raw screenshot output only shows my main screen having a resolution of 640x480, not 2560x1440 (image 1), and also because the taskbar shows the game icon on the second screen when stuck in this state.

When I install the community patch the game launches okay, but the first issue is that the resolution options cap at 1920x1200 on both DirectX and 3DFX. I could live with it if that was the only issue, but about 10 seconds after starting a race the game will either crash to desktop with no error message or crash back to the race menu because of an “access violation” of an unknown file (image 2). Further attempts to start another race only cause it to crash out instantly upon loading the level. Those few seconds of playability aren’t without their own issues, mainly that world geometry at the bottom of the screen flickers out and scenery/truck geometry above the horizon line is sometimes invisible (image 3).

Lastly, I know that capping your framerate at 30 is necessary for traction and AI drivers to work properly, but I haven’t figured out how to do it successfully. I tried doing it through the NVIDIA control panel, through RTSS, and through an NVIDIA Inspector profile, but none of them worked.

I'd prefer to not have to set up a Windows XP virtual machine just to play this one game, so hopefully somebody knows the solution to this problem.

 Post subject: Re: Need help getting MTM2 working on Windows 10
PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2021 6:50 pm 
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Hi RN034

There are many bugs with this patches, some of them are fixable.

Most of the access violation errors after races can be fix by turning off the "view clips" option.

Above 1920x1080, is mostly unstable the game, Fila says that could be fix when the game is ported to DX9, meanwhile just stick with the safe bet.

The glitch of the sky and objects above the truck, is mostly in hardware new, you need a wrapper to fix it, I prefer dgVoodoo2, also use the version that the mtm2 site recomends, cuz a higher version crashes sometimes.

About the 30 fps, there are many programs that can help you lock the framerate, I prefer using Dxtory, but Fraps can also do it, even in trial of either programs.

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