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 Post subject: Savage Sport-Trac by Savage1
PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 1:30 am 

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Truck: <a href="javascript:void(0)"onClick="'','win','scrollbars=no,left=80,top=80,width=498,height=374')">Savage Sport-Trac</a>
Maker: Savage1
Class: Custom
Verts: <a href="javascript:void(0)"onClick="'','win','scrollbars=yes,left=20,top=20,width=670,height=600')">2389/1044/3433</a>
Faces: 3823/1064/4887
Txtrs: 9/4/13
Podzip: No
Animated Textures: No
Allow Reflections: No
Allow Truck Reflections: No
Readme: Yes, check it out
Download: <a href="" target="_self">577</a>k

At first blush this seems reasonably unremarkable - simply a BigDOGGe-converted Evo model given a colour change and placed on our big wheels. However, there's something to be said for simple ideas that work well.

Starting with the body, Savage1 has taken a standard Evo model and given it some special paint treatment. Although the paint scheme is relatively unadorned, the glossy black (looks like it's been photo-textured actually) with tan bumpers and side skirts is quite striking without being overstated. In fact, it's a colour scheme one could well envisage on a custom road-going Sport-Trac - keeping everything else about the appearance stock, this paint job would be enough to mark the vehicle as subtly special without being overtly exhibitionist. You'd sense this isn't a factory finish, but it is not until you actually look that you really appreciate it.

A word on phototextures. We're not going to try and guess whether this is painted or phototextured because in the end it doesn't matter. Savage1 has either phototextured it, in which case he's done an incredible job since he's made the images fit the original textures perfectly and eliminated the need to remap a stitch. Or, he's painted everything, in which case he's done an outstanding job on the realism factor.

Moving along, the addition of a brush guard (another Evo design) to the front of the vehicle doesn't really do much for it, but Savage1 hasn't gone overboard so it's all good. The essential DOGGe-sourced frame underpins the truck and cradles a nice custom "502 Stroker" engine, apparently assembled from a variety of miscellaneous parts. Axles are likewise custom models, and a splendid job they are too. All lights appear to be correctly set up and properly functional.

One quirk is that the wheels aren't aligned with the wheelwells of the body. This isn't a bad thing, but it does look a little unusual. Note the wheel placement in comparison to the stock Rampage.

Click for <a href="javascript:void(0)"onClick="'','win1','scrollbars=yes,left=80,top=10,width=520,height=550')">Comparison Image</a>

The center of the wheels are actually aligned with the bumpers rather than the wheelwells and can really be seen on the <a href="javascript:void(0)"onClick="'','win2','scrollbars=yes,left=80,top=10,width=520,height=550')">durango pair</a>.

We have to assume that Savage1 has settled on a wheelbase of particular dimensions (probably for handling reasons), and simply slipped it under all his vehicles with the body on top being considered simply an interchangable component. Whatever the reason, a larger body or shortened wheelbase would've tidied this up - althought trk set up would have to be adjusted to compensate for the handling change.

The biggest downer is that the truck is quite heavy on vertices (approaching 2,400) due to its additional detail. While the construction is tight (the brush guard even joins neatly to the front of the frame) and the handling reasonable, we would've liked to see this a bit closer to his two Durangos in terms of vertex count. The reason for this are numerous, not least of which is allowing reflections to be turned on as well as making it less conducive to lag.

Lastly, the Sport-Trac has two points in common with the durangos. First is the truck name is unnecessarily typed in all capital letters. The other is the use of identical *1.BIN and *0.BIN (med- and low-detail) body model files rather than eliminating the extras or actually creating varied vertex count models. We won't belabor the point again here; you can get all the juicy details about this in the Wango Zee Tango Durango reviews.

In the end, then, we have a first rate paint job on a reasonably well handling truck. Savage1 has taken his time to learn the binedit ropes and the results are good. Look for more from this new truck maker.

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