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 Post subject: Scrapyard Warrior: R.I.P. by Cale
PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 8:14 pm 
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The Nevada desert...2036

It was in those days that I found myself needing transportation.

In the middle of the desert I came upon a junkyard surrounding what looked like a bar. I looked around and realized that this was the place where the BigDogge had first assembled his gang years ago. Remnants of old vehicles were strewn everywhere, some still looking somewhat useable. Assuming I could build quickly, I could wind up with a strong, fast machine. But time was of the essence.

Suddenly I heard a voice.

"Hey you kids. Git out of my yard!!!"

I turned around. Before me stood KC, a man I knew from the old days. He was of good heart but protective of his land. When he saw me he returned to his usual even demeanor.

"Sorry, Cale, didn't recognize you. What are you doing around here?"

"Trying to find a ride...I need something if I'm going to chase down Mal."

"Well, feel free to look around and take what you need. Mal's gang came in and eradicated BigDogge's. Only the remnants of their trucks remain. I found it after he had already left. I figure it's safe as long as he don't return."

"I hope you're right. Thanks for the ride...all I need is a welder and some tools and I'll be all set."

"I'll go grab them."

While KC went off, I had a look around the yard. It quickly became apparent that, save for a few dune buggies, the vehicles I was looking at were all old monster trucks from before the war. I found a good, solid, low frame with a mangled rollcage just as KC returned with an old arc welding kit. I asked about the chassis.

"Oh, that was the Haught's ride," he said. "Used to be Grave Digger 19 or some such before the war. It was left out here after it was severely damaged during one a' them spectacles. Haught found it and rebuilt it as a war machine for Dogge. The frame is strong enough but it needed a better rollcage. When Mal invaded, Haught squared off with Slick and lost. Got crushed in the battle. I buried the body just so I didn't have to look at it anymore."

I decided that this would be a decent starting point if no other strong frame could be found. But it needed a rollcage...

Looking around I saw what I recognized as BigDogge's personal crusher. It had one of those manufactured "Patrick" or some such chassis from the old days, but the rollcage looked different and much stronger. Once again, I turned to KC.

"Yep, that's Dogge's. Was another Grave Digger...erm...14, I think. The engine gave up on him in the battle and he was a sitting duck for Phin, Mal's number one henchman. The subsequent mauling bent the frame a little but the rollcage should still be good. Shocks look OK too, from where I am."

I took the welder and began to cut the rollcage off. By the end of the day the rollcage and the frame were mated into an odd looking, but strong piece of equipment. Still needed an engine, though. I decided I would be safe for now and asked KC if I could stay for the night. Thankfully, he said yes.

The next morning I decided to find a drivetrain. Over in the corner was BigDogge's off-road racer style truck. It was severely thrashed but the engine, a massive blown Hemi, with a stout transmission and transfer case on it. It was still usable, if rusty. I nabbed it and stuck it in the back of my truck, and went to look for the axles.

I spotted a good pair of axles on a truck on which only they were salvageable. KC explained that this was once Bigfoot 8, and that Betrayal used it. Betrayal was not his real name, but it was what he came to be known as after he ditched Mal's gang and worked for Dogge. He did not survive the battle.

I pulled the tires off of Dogge's ride and used them on mine. A few steel plates welded to the rollcage for armor later and I was done. Suddenly KC walks up with some paint and stencils.

"Name it. Let it be yours. Let them know that you mean business."

I thought about it for a second, then started arranging letters on the sides. Slowly the name was painted on several panels: Scrapyard Warrior, since it had been build from scrap vehicles. I got creative and added some skulls on it too. Then I thought about what I had to do. I grabbed white spray paint and quickly added to the name.

Scrapyard Warrior. Rust In Pieces.

After taking a minute to admire my handiwork, I turned to KC and thanked him.

"I owe you one man," I said.

"Anything for a friend. Just one thing...I'm not sure if I'll be safe here...but if you come back before they'll help protect me, right?"

"Of course. See ya, man."

"See ya."

I climbed in the truck and fired it up. It worked just fine, and soon I was racing across the desert.

I thought about what had happened to those whose parts I had taken. I hope that I don't end up like them, and that I can get those who wronged both me and them. If it does happen, I hope the truck will be reborn as something new, and that their names, and my name, would be attached to that project.

But there is no time for that now. I must hunt Mal and his gang down for what they did to my family and me. I shall have my revenge...

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2004 10:08 pm 
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Maybe you'd better hop in your wagon and head for the hills Mal! Get to moving your legs like Fred Flintstone in hurry. Go get that <i>bad</i> man Cale, but be warned, BigDOGGe had some powerful weaponry bad in the day, though ammunition is unlikely to still exist.

>> that their names, and my name, would be attached to that project.

What a way to be remembered. Man, Cale... hehe, well done!! On all counts.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2004 3:32 pm 
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Re-uploaded it without the texture animation for the engine, it should work for everyone now. And good thing, too, I need all those supporters to take down Mal!

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2005 8:13 pm 
Glow Ball
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Forgot the link


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PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2005 5:08 am 
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What was the story about? I couldn't quite understand it. Was it some monster truck war? Who's Mal? :?:


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PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2005 8:54 am 
You Gonna Eat That?
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Malibu350, the track makin god...

All the people in the story hang out here, hang around you'll get to know everyone in the story.

Rep Fan's Garage

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