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 Post subject: Trucks by Smork428
PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, 2004 7:23 pm 
Glow Ball
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The topic of providing proper credit when asked to do so was brought up in <a href="">this post</a>. Please read it and heed the advice that is offered there.

But today, I want to talk about truck making in general. I noticed that <a href="">Copper</a> is facing the wrong way. Now, I can understand the appeal of making unusual and off beat trucks; however, and I don't know about anybody else but I prefer that anything I drive to be facing the direction that I'm going in.

Worst still is today's release. Another vehicle borrowed from Rep Fan's Garage which you've named <a href="">Dragon Fist</a>. There are two problems with this truck. First, you did not change the bin file name and so it conflicts with Rep Fan's truck that uses that name. Please understand that you must use unique file names or it causes problems in the game. Second, you have not done any sort of editing to the truck body. In fact, the wheels from the track prop are still on the model and are barely concealed by the monster truck tires. And I assume all the other trucks you've done are the same, and have the same problems.

<center><img src="" width="463" height="489"></center>

If you are going to continue making trucks, and it's fine if you do, but I think it's time you begin learning a few of the basic truck making concepts. I know you know how to do some painting and how to assemble the pieces in the trk file. But there is much more to becoming a good truck maker than just those things. Please see the following links for more information on how to improve your trucks.

  • <a href="">Repainting trucks with c-pod</a>
  • <a href="">MTMG Truck Help</a>
  • <a href="">Tools-N-Tutorials Directory</a>
  • <a href="">Drive2Survive's Custom Workshops</a>
  • <a href="">Leg's Auto Parts Emporium</a>
  • <a href=""></a>

If you have any questions, please search the forum. There are many questions already answered that are not on the help pages. If you come across something you can't figure out, or you have additional questions, then post them on the forum. If you are willing to learn, then there is usually somebody around who is willing to help you out.

 Post subject: what ever
PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2004 11:33 am 
Thats the point of my trucks!Being weird,stupid and wrong!
God dammit!

 Post subject: dang!
PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2004 11:40 am 
I would make "normal" trucks,but none of those editors (binedit for example) work on my dang computer! :x

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2004 2:03 pm 
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If you let us know what kind of errors or error messages you are getting with binedit, we may be able to help you get it to work. Mine didn't work at first until I updated DirectX.

Nothing wrong with making weird trucks (see my budweiser 6-pack as an example) , but at least post credits when using someone else's truck for your projects, and include a read-me.txt file in your ZIP listing those credits.

And please don't swear in here anymore....thank you.

--> "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals." -- Henry Ford

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, 2004 8:46 pm 
Glow Ball
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Joined: Tue Feb 02, 1999 7:00 pm
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<table width="90%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3" border="0"><tr><td class="quote">
Thats the point of my trucks! Being weird, stupid and wrong!

Far be it from me to tell you what to do or how you should do it, but when it comes to this place we know all about weird, &etc.

<center><img src="" width="320" height="240"> <img src="" width="320" height="240"></center>

No kidding, when it comes to weird, guys like <a href="">CH_2005</a> and <a href="">RJS</a> wrote the book on weird stupid and wrong. So, make no mistake, my post above is in no way suggesting that you should stop what you are doing or that you yourself are somehow weird stupid or wrong for doing the things you do. No way. We're a very understanding bunch around here and do everything we can to encourage personal expression and creativity, no matter if anybody else likes it or not.

<table width="90%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="3" border="0"><tr><td class="quote">
I would make "normal" trucks,but none of those editors (binedit for example) work on my dang computer!

But, see, you miss the point. I could care less if you ever make 'normal' trucks if that's not what you want to do. What I'm saying rather is that some of the problems you're having are well within your reach. It's one thing when a program won't run, or the ones that do run you don't yet know how to use them. It's an entirely other thing when you can't be bothered to even rename the files you're using so as to avoid conflicts with existing models and trucks, or to even rename the truck as it appears in driver check-in.

<center><img src="" width="272" height="264"></center>

If you can edit the trk file so it uses your model, there's no earthly reason to suppose you cannot update the truck name too.

Now, just for the sake of demonstrating, I've taken your bigfoot / cop car and touched it up a bit.

NOTE. To anybody reading this who has not tried this vehical, it faces the wrong way. That is, when driving forward in the game, the rear end is facing front and the front is facing behind you. It is the wrong way around compared to the way you'd usually expect to see it. The following notes won't make much sense unless you know this.

Okay, so it's backward. So what. You <u>want</u> it backwards. Okay. Still, there are considerations. In this pic, your truck is on the left, mine is on the right. You have brake lights floating in the air, red lights on what appears to be the front of the car but which is in fact the rear in terms of direction. What I've done, seen on the right, is put head lights in place where the head lights are and set them to brake lights type. So, now, when you drive in game, the car has nothing floating in mid air, the head lights look like headlights but because the car faces front to back they behave like rear lights; that is, as brake lights - and why not, they're on the back.

<center><img src="" width="680" height="292"></center>

In this next picture, the same principle holds. Yours is on the left, it has head lights and roof lights floating in the air. Mine, on the right, has brake colored lights over the brake light lenses and the beams extend red as you might expect them to if brake lights were really head lights. The roof lights are gone.

<center><img src="" width="680" height="292"></center>

I did not put backup lights because I wasn't sure I wanted to do anything custom, and this is, after all, for sake of illustration only. And more than that, I don't want to get hung up on lights only. This isn't just about lights. It's about file names, doing things that are within our reach, and not always taking the path of least resistence.

Now, the whole reason I posted anything at all to begin with was that I accidentally discovered you hadn't renamed the bin model for the Dragon fist truck. I had taken a picture, uploaded it, and was content to leave it be. However, since the cop car was not spun around and a few of your trucks sit rather low, I suspected the track prop wheels were still on the body but were concealed by the ride height and the large monster truck tires. So, to satisfy my curiosity more than anything else, I opened it up and had a look. The funny thing is that while I saw the wheels were in fact there, it struck me that it looked different from the picture I had just taken and uploaded to the page. That's when I discovered the file name problem. I unmounted a couple tracks and trucks, retook the picture, reuploaded it, and so now everything looks the way it should. Then I posted here.

If you're content to have the wrong picture associated with your truck, that's fine too. But to tell the truth, doing wrong pics and having to retake them and reupload is not the most efficient use of my own time. You may not care, but I do. It's my time and I value how I use it. And I imagine others feel the same way about their time too. So, you see, it isn't ALL about you.

Anyway, to round this out, I made a reverse version of the truck and a forward version of it. That's the <a href="">R&F</a> part on the download page. Naturally, for the forward version I had to turn it around, and while I was at it, I raised it up, got rid of the wheels, painted over the rims on the body, and stuck a small frame underneath and aligned everything to it. I did that to the reverse direction one, then spun the whole shebang around for the forward one. Your body model was named CJFUZZ, so I called mine CKFUZZ and CLFUZZ. Nothing simpler. Again, yours is on the left, mine on the right.

<center><img src="" width="680" height="235"></center>

Maybe none of this matters to you. Maybe it doesn't matter to anybody. But to my way of looking at things, some things are more fun than others and they're worth the effort it takes. And it doesn't take much. And I certainly don't imagine anybody is going to argue that my touch up is exceedingly normal either. Normal and weird has nothing to do with it.

Lastly, for programs that don't work, that simply is not true. You got enough going to assemble and paint trucks. Something is working. If there's problems, it's usually already a well known issue and the information is available. You just need to ask. If binedit is a concern, pop over to the binedit forum and post a note that says it won't work. Any detail about what happens will be helpful and surely will be asked for anyway.

End of lecture. I've probably forgotten half of what I wanted to say but I'm sure you'll agree there's more than enough already.

Please always remember and never forget, enjoy what you do. No matter what it is. There's no point otherwise. So, please carry on. And, I hope I've given you a few things to consider. Thanks for bearing with me.

 Post subject: my stupid c....y truck-wannabees
PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 1:25 pm 
Hey,does anyone have anything to say about my "buddy" the beer truck :?:

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 2:12 pm 
easy company
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Sure, I made the bottle a couple years ago and never imagined I'd see it with wheels under it.


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